Arthur Brown and Matt Palmer’s Jazz Buddies

Jazz Buddies came about when Birmingham trumpeter Arthur Brown was asked to put a band together at twenty-four hours notice to appear at his local jazz club, the Northfield CEM, (now known as the Quarry Sports & Social Club). By pure luck famed trombonist Mike Owen had returned to the UK just days before and was looking for gigs, Arthur also secured the services of Brian Mellor (banjo & guitar), Dennis Mowatt (bass), Tim Jones (drums) and Matt Palmer (reeds). It was one those great moments when the band just ‘clicked’ from the word go and it was decided this couldn’t be left as a ‘one off’, the band secured a monthly residency at the CEM which continued for several years and they also appeared at many leading jazz venues. Many things have changed since then but the band still perform occasionally with the current line-up of Arthur Brown (trumpet), Kevin Grenfell (trombone), Matt Palmer (clarinet/sax), Pete Robinson (banjo & guitar), John Gibson (drums) and Simon Smith (bass). The Buddies present a eclectic selection of traditional favourites ranging from early American jazz classics to hits from the “British Trad Boom”.