Baby Jools & The Jazzaholics

The Jazzaholics continue a tradition that has been decades in the making. In the days before The Beatles became famous, Trad Jazz was in the charts and it fuelled a youth movement that danced, enjoyed and learned about the American music of the 1920’s-40s. They branded it Traditional Jazz. The bands of Acker Bilk (Stranger On The Shore), Kenny Ball (Midnight In Moscow) and The Temperance Seven (You’re Driving Me Crazy) sold millions and set the scene for the bands that followed. The Beatles started out as a young band that played the interval set for Acker Bilk at The Cavern Club (which was a jazz club back then) in Liverpool before they hit the big time in 1964. Heady days indeed.

The Jazzaholics have a lineage to that musical tradition.  Formed by banjoist Jim McIntosh in 2007, he was a former member of the popular UK jazz band Phil Mason’s New Orleans All-Stars.  ​The Jazzaholics gets the audience’s attention from the word go! With a lively repertoire of music from jazz giants King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Kid Ory, George Lewis, Gospel/Spiritual numbers and New Orleans brass band parade tunes also included in our repertoire. The Jazzaholics are full of vitality and musicality – they guarantee a fantastic traditional jazz experience for all.

The Jazzaholics maintain a traditional format of six musicians. Finley Milne (Trumpet), George Simmonds (Trombone *not pictured), Karl Hird (Sax/Clarinet), Baby Jools (Drums), Sean Moyses (Banjo) and   Jim Swinnerton (Double Bass).