Sarah Spencer’s Transatlantic Band

Sarah Spencer relocated back to the UK in January of 2017 and has been continuing to lead her ‘Sarah Spencer’s Transatlantic Band’ on both sides of the Atlantic, in Europe and in the USA.  She has also joined the long-established, Bob Dwyer’s Bix and Pieces band and is the other member of the front line of Mike Owen’s exciting and wonderful Scarlette’s Serenaders, which also performs internationally.  In addition to these, she is guesting with many other bands all across the UK and Europe.

Sarah Spencer’s Transatlantic Band performs powerful New Orleans jazz in the tradition of the great Revival.  Drawing influence from bands of that era, as well as taking influence from more modern New Orleans music, blues, rhythm and blues and the greats of all eras of Jazz and Blues; like Henry ‘Red’ Allen, Louis Armstrong, Kid Ory, Jelly Roll Morton, Big Bill Broonzy, Lonnie Johnson, Louis Jordan, Louis Prima and countless others.

Personnel of the Transatlantic Band are Sarah Spencer (reeds and vocals), ‘Magic’ Mike Henry (trumpet and vocals), Rob Pearce (trombone and vocals), Hugh Crozier (piano), Jim Swinnerton (string bass) and Jools Aldridge (drums).