Scarlette’s Serenaders with special guest Enrico Tomasso

Scarlette’s Serenaders are named after Mike Owen’s daughter, their repertoire includes jazz standards, old popular songs, and pretty much any songs they happen to like on the day itself!
A lively and driving band from the Midlands in the New Orleans style of playing dance hall music which is great for dancing to, as well as listening to.

Enrico Tomasso started playing trumpet at the tender age of six years old, and almost immediately started to learn Louis Armstrong phrases after his tutor turned up with a book of Louis Armstrong hot breaks.  His tutor also taught Enrico embouchure and technique, which has stood him in great stead to become the award winning player he is today. From an outstandingly talented family in the performing arts and music, Enrico’s father would often transcribe pieces for him to play and many a time football and games was the last in line after trumpet practice.