Terry Beano’s Jazz Vets’ (Tierra Buena)

The Tierra Buena Traditional Jazz Band has been entertaining audiences in Coventry and Warwickshire every week for nearly sixty years! ┬áThis six-piece band started playing Traditional/Dixieland/New Orleans Jazz in 1958 at The Pilot Hotel, Radford, just as the ‘Trad Boom’ started (band and audience were both very young back then!). Several years at The Pilot were followed by years at The Cottage, Earlsdon, then other residencies at pubs and clubs in Coventry and in Warwickshire, and more recently ten years at The Cocked Hat, Binley. Almost always it has been on Monday nights, and most remarkably half of the current band have been playing since the earliest days. The band has increased its expertise and its repertoire with the years, yet kept its enthusiasm and stayed true to its jazz idiom.