Warren James’ Skiffle

Following the success of Warren James and his telling of The Lonnie Donegan Story we are delighted to invite the band back to perform for us a more broad and varied selection of songs that had England swinning throughout the 1950s Skiffle Boom. As well as ‘The King of Skiffle’, Lonnie Donegan, the Skiffle Boom also prouduced hit records such as Freight Train for Chas McDevitt and Nancy Whiskey, Last Train to San Fernando for Johnny Duncan, as well as hits for The Vipers, including Don’t You Rock Me Daddio, Cotton Fields and Maggie Maggie May. Many jazz stars of the day had their own skiffle groups, including, Chris Barber, Ray Bush, The Avon Cities Skiffle Group and the City Ramblers. Skiffle was the launch pad for an entire generation of musician, many became jazz players, many went on to influence the 60s folk revival, whilst many more became the pop stars and hit makers of the 50s and 60s. Come and experience the music that was once described as “The Poor Man’s Jazz” and “Britain’s Jug Band Craze” but will always be “The Music that Made Britain Swing”.